Berry Compliant Braid

Elastic & Shock Cord

Elastic Braid, Knit & Woven

We manufacture a full line of woven, knit and braided elastics. Stock sizes are from 1/8” to 1” on the braided, and 1/8” to 8” and wider for knit elastics web. Shock cord is stocked in sizes from 3/32” to 3/4”. Draw-cord, fold-over and brushed elastics are stocked as well. Fire retardant is also in stock for immediate delivery in both braid & woven elastic web.

Nomex shock cord

Shock Cord

Marine grade rubber with nylon cover. Stocked in white with black strike and solid black. Colors also available. Polypropylene cover available upon request. Nomex® fire retardant also available.

Hi-Tech Narrow Fabrics is webbing wholesaler, manufacturer, Factory Supplier.

Put Up Feet/Spool Diameter
1000 5/32"
500 1/8"
500 5/32"
500 3/16"
500 7/32"
500 1/4"
500 5/16"
300 3/8"
100 1/2"
100 5/8"
100 3/4"
Fire retardant bungee cord

Shock Cord Hardware

Shock Cord Hardware
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