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• What is a minimum order?
We have a low invoice minimum. About $100.00

• What is the turn time for orders?
MOST orders are shipped same day (about 95%). If after 2:PM most likely the next day. Even on custom cut orders. Labor on YOUR goods allow a few days.

• How do I establish Terms?
We prefer 1st orders be C.O.D or credit card to expedite orders. For terms: fax or email 4-5 trade refs. With FAX #. Allow 3-4 days as most references take a few calls to respond.


• Do I need bias or straight cut???
Generally it really depends on how much stretch or how many turns or curves are in the product you are sewing. If there are turns or curves you probably want Bias. If not many or there is no stretch wanted or to stabilize you probably go with straight cut. Woven fabrics are usually biased; Knits can be straight cut to get stretch.

• Do I need woven or knit binding?
Again it really depends on how much stretch or flex you need.

• What is minimum for folded piping or corded trims?
Some trims are on the shelf mostly black or white. To make it to your specifications approx 1000 yards per item depending on size, filler etc.

• What is SONIC welded bias seam?
Basically any fabric that is a majority synthetic can be sonic sealed. This is perfect if you don't want to stop and cut out those sewn bias seams. You just continue to sew. Looks invisible as it is only a bead where it was bonded. Perfect for nylon and polyester fabrics.


• What is the difference between style #8001 and #8021?
#8001 is a standard retro-reflective product perfect for Apparel, sporting goods, bags, totes etc. #8021 Is a super bright ANSI compliant that is used for DOT vests and apparel where certification is required or preferred. Both are for sewing.

• What style is for laminating or ironing on to fabric?
When you want reflective to iron on instead of sewing we suggest #8040. We suggest polyester fabrics but it does laminate to modacrylic as well.

• Do I need ANSI compliant?
Generally if the item is used for traffic vests DOT or Apparel where reflectivity is crucial you want these products.

• How about reflective grosgrain??
Any polyester color or width can have reflective laminated to it. Just choose a color, and the width of reflective you want. 1000 yards minimum but you can mix colors. Allow 2 weeks


• What is the difference between Nylon and polypropylene webbing?
Polypropylene is generally not as strong as Nylon. Good for bags, totes, back packs and light duty ties etc. Use Nylon for stronger requirements as dog leads, halters strapping etc. We also stock cargo web in polyester for trucks or where you need several thousand pounds of strength.

• Do you do custom strap assemblies?
We do on premises custom polypropylene webbing straps, including hardware and hook & loop fastener assemblies. ALSO We do cut to length polypro web and hook & loop fastener.


• What is stock put ups?
is 25 yards per roll but 50 yard rolls also available to save on change-over.

• When do I use Rubber or Acrylic adhesive?
We suggest you test the adhesive on your individual product. Generally Rubber adhesive is good, But acrylic is better for high temperatures. There are other adhesives for extreme heat or cold.


• Do you do custom zippers?
All custom made zippers are made with YKK product domestically with as little as 200 zippers, size depending. Also in any stock YKK color. Usually about 3-4 weeks.

• What are stock sizes:
See zipper page for stock zippers. We also stock a large program of colors , sizes etc. We also have NON arc zippers for fire apparel.


• What type of thread do you carry?
We stock a warehouse full of thread. Private label Nylon colors and polyester bonded filament threads TEX 45 -210 and heavier. Also private label spun poly thread from TEX 21 up to TEX 80 . We Have a Hugh in stock program of A & E colors and types of threads, including, Anefil, Permacore ,Sunstop & Wildcat.


• What is the difference in the types of elastic?
Knit elastic: least expensive, stays the same when you stretch it. When you stretch it you can see pin holes through it. Braided elastic: Generally a bit more expensive than Knit. It narrows when you stretch it. i.e. 1" will narrow to 5/8" or so. Woven is the strongest and most durable.

• Do you have fire retardant Elastic?
Stocked in Braid and woven. Also latex free!!